Abandoned Cart for Certain Days

  • 3 July 2023
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Hi all! 


We’re looking to create a flow that notifies potential buyers/guests that a cabin/product they were looking at has recently dropped in price. For reference, we use a WordPress website that is integrated with Guesty. We lower the price of our product 1 week before the date of arrival, so in theory, this can be triggered by the date or by the price drop. We already have a custom property of “Date” that notes the date the guest/buyer was looking to stay at our cabin/”product.”


My first thought was to create an abandoned cart flow with an additional trigger of “properties of someone” > “date” “is between” “0 - 7 days” but I noticed it adds “ago” to the phrasing, making it “date is between 0 - 7 days ago,” but I’m wanting it to be in the future, meaning they would place the order before the date. 


Any ideas about how to set this flow up? 


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2 replies

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Hey @agbthg 

Welcome to the community and congrats on your first post! 

Have you looked at setting up an actual price drop flow? With this flow you can set up who you want to enter the flow similar to abandoned cart or abandoned check out but will only trigger after the price drop happens. 

If this isn't an option, you could also use a date triggered flow to be able to use a future date instead of “X days ago” 

Hope this helps!


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Hey @stephen.trumble,

Thank you! I got that aspect working! Here’s another issue I’m running into that you may have some insight on…


We currently have a traditional abandoned cart flow triggered by adding to checkout & not placing order in addition to this new flow that targets abandoned carts with dates coming up soon. Is there a way to adjust the traditional abandoned cart flow so that it only allows for guests whose dates are more than 10 days away? The issue I’m trying to avoid is a guest booking a last-minute stay and being put into both flows, therefore, receiving a ton of emails. 


Anyone is free to help, of course! Thanks in advance for any suggestions!