Abandoned Cart issue - {{ event.extra.responsive_checkout_url }} and {{ event.extra.checkout_url }} are not directing to checkout - they direct to the main website

  • 17 November 2022
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As subject line: these links rebuild the cart (you can see it in the upper right hand corner) - but it doesn’t take people back to checkout when they click on the emails. 

How does this get fixed?


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Hi @phanimus,

Thanks for sharing this question with the community.

First, I recommend navigating to a Checkout Started event and looking at the event data being passed to Klaviyo. You can do this by clicking on Metrics > Checkout Started > Activity Feed click on the timestamp of a recent Checkout Started event.

Here’s a visual walkthrough of that process:

Clicking on the timestamp will provide you with all of the information about that event. After clicking on the timestamp, under checkout_url, you should see a link that includes your website name in addition to information about the checkout i.e.

The link or the name of the event might be slightly different based on your integration but the general process to access the data is the same.

If you’re noticing the link under the checkout_url only includes your website name (and not any of the “/checkout” information), that means your integration is not correctly passing Klaviyo the checkout URL. 

However, if a full checkout link exists here, then there’s an issue with the tag and it’s unable to reconstruct the cart. This can be the case for a few different reasons. For one, is the flow you’re testing with triggered off of the Started Checkout event? It must be in order to correctly re-direct back to the cart. Also if the user is not cookied on the browser i.e. they start their checkout on their phone and finish on a desktop browser, depending on the integration, the checkout may not be storing cookies for the user which wouldn’t allow them to re-visit their cart page. Lastly, double-check the tag placement, depending on the integration it could be using “organization URL/cart” in the button rather than the tag you’re referring to which is another typical reason why it will re-direct back to the homepage.

I hope that’s helpful.



We too are facing similar issue. When we send a test link we are getting a 404 error for our website. Could you please help us out how to resolve the same.

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I’ve bumped another thread like this, but I’ll bump this one too. I’m having the same problem even though when I go to Metrics > Checkout Started > Activity Feed and click on the timestamp of a recent Checkout Started event it shows the additional information about the checkout.


Edit: I’ve previewed several profiles that have triggered the Checkout Started action recently as @Taylor Tarpley suggested in this thread, and it turns out that some profiles recover the cart, whilst others are redirected to the homepage. Could the occasions where the button redirects to the homepage be cases where customers have proceeded to place their order?

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Hey @eCommetry,

Glad you were able to dig into this further on your own. You’re assumption is absolutely correct!

Myself and @In the Inbox spoke about this sort of experience in the threads below:

To sum it up, our Checkout Started event will record every time someone has triggered it - including those who have completed their purchase. All our email template preview tool does is populate the email with the data found in the event. When users have completed their purchase their checkout page is would be emptied and “completed”. Hence, why when previewing as a profile that has already completed your order, the URL does not dynamically redirect to their previously completed cached page.