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  • 23 October 2023
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I’m having some issues, some help on this would be amazing!


I’m using the abandoned cart reminder template, which is now live on my website (Wordpress + Elementor). I’ve tested the flow, but filling in my details on the checkout page of my website. It works, I get the automated email ‘Your cart is about to expire’. 


However, I then click through on the email, which prompts to take me through to my saved cart. It doesn’t work, I get taken through to ‘the page can’t be found’. I’ve also tried on mobile and incognito, but no luck. 


I haven’t changed any code, so I’m not sure what i’ve done wrong here.


Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening? 




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Hi @tombarrow 

What ecomm platform are you on - WooC? Can you share the url for your ‘Return to Cart’?



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How is your current URL formed for the button? And is it WooCommerce that is handling the purchases? It can be a tad trickier on building your cart link.

Give this URL string a try to the end of your company’s website -

?wck_rebuild_cart={{ event.extra.CartRebuildKey }}

Or a full string could be this -

{{ organization.url }}cart?wck_rebuild_cart={{ event.extra.CartRebuildKey }}

But sometimes the Org URL field can be funky, so typing in your actual URL .com/cart and then the first code option should work!

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@tombarrow - adding on top of @Spark Bridge Digital LLC, just to make sure, check if you have updated to the latest Klaviyo WooCommerce extension.

In a past client project a while back, we had an outdated Wordpress version that didn’t have the cart rebuilding code so an update fixed it for us. 


Thanks everyone, @Spark Bridge Digital LLC your first suggestion worked here a beauty!


Thanks for your help on this.