Abandoned cart - scheduled email for someone who just placed an order

  • 28 January 2021
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We created our first abandoned cart flow yesterday and today someone left the cart but then came back later and placed the order. However, we noticed the 1st email in the sequence still appeared as queued so we removed it manually.

Does this mean there’s a problem with the flow or is it the case that the email would have been stopped by Klaviyo right before the scheduled delivery date/time? 

Many thanks in advance!


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3 replies

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@wlondon13 Klaviyo will check the flow and email filters before sending it out. If your filters set correctly, your purchaser would not receive the email. 

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Thanks. We got a bit anxious and decided to stop it ourselves before potentially annoying a customer. :sweat_smile: 

We haven’t changed anything yet, it’s the default flow for cart abandonment so it should work.

However, I was expecting the email to be cancelled from the “scheduled” category as soon as the client placed the order. 

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@wlondon13 You should not rely on the default settings. I strongly recommend checking the flow filters. 


Also, you can test it yourself. You can start the checkout process, then wait for 3 hours for example and place a fake order.