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  • 22 April 2022
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Hi community.

I’m working with a client on building a simple Abandoned Cart flow.

I have found that their customer service team are making draft orders in Shopify for parts/servicing/warranty to have a record of orders their service team are fulfilling. It is triggering “checkout started” followed by a “placed order” event for those customers profile on Klaviyo.

Now when I preview the emails in the cart abandonment flow - it is pulling through all these draft orders for the 10 previews. I’m hoping that because customer service trigger a checkout started followed by placed order (and placed order is a filter on the trigger) that people won’t be receiving these emails. However I want to add a fail-safe if for any reason they don’t trigger placed order within the 2 hour delay between the trigger and email sending.

I have confirmed with the client that a Shopify tag called “customerservice_order” is added to each one and this pulls through in the data for that profile. If customers are being tagged with this and I add it in as an exclusion filter to the trigger - is this permanent? I.e. if a profile is tagged once, does this mean they will never be able to go through the cart abandonment flow EVER?



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5 replies

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Good Morning @jadebiscuit 

I have recently been going through a similar situation where my client wants to suppress wholesale customers from being triggered into any Klaviyo flows. When I reviewed this with Klaviyo support, I understood that it all comes down to the Customer’s Shopify store and how they have configured the Shopify Tags. 

In my example, the customer had applied tags to both the products and the customer. When the Placed Order event fired I had a conditional filter in the flow that looked for both the tags associated to the product or customers to remove those individuals from receiving the emails in the flow and existed them. In this case, because the Shopify Tags were associated to the product and customers, and not the individual order, this always limits the customer from receiving the emails. 

Based on this, I think it’s reasonable to assume that as long as the tags are consistent and don’t change, and that the customer’s CS team always apply the tags to the orders/customers, those customers should not receive the emails. 

I hope this helps!

@In the Inbox 

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Hi thanks @In the Inbox that is really helpful.

I have built the flow and added in the Shopify tag. So far it is working, however I have just thought of another potential problem...

Here’s an example:

A customer inquires about service/parts. The customer service team create the draft order in Shopify and a “customerservice_order” tag is added. This is passed over to the customers profile in Klaviyo, the abandoned cart flow is triggered but the customer does not receive the email.

Then two weeks later the customer goes on the website again to look at a product - they abandon at checkout - we want to send them an abandoned cart email. Would the customerservice_order tag still be on the persons profile? And would it prevent them from receiving all abandoned cart emails, going forward?


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Hi @jadebiscuit 

I don’t believe the Shopify Tags automatically get saved to the contact’s Klaviyo Profile (ie. as a custom profile property), but are associated to the customer/order in Shopify and thus the Placed Order event in Klaviyo.

In this case, if you associate the initial “customerservice_order” tag to the order and not the customer profile in Shopify, then I think the Cart Abandon email should still go because that tag would not be included in the abandoned cart Checkout Started event.

I believe the only way the “customerservice_order” tag would be attributed to the Checkout Started event would be if the tag is associated to the product.

I would double check this with your Shopify team to validate how the Shopify Tags might interact with different events within the funnel on the website, but in my experience, this approach has worked well.

I hope that helps!

@In the Inbox 

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Just to chime in here, in Shopify you can add tags on Orders, Products and on Customer Profiles (in Shopify).  As @jadebiscuit  mentioned, Customers’ Tags are synced to Klaviyo in a Custom Profile Property as a comma separated list with the field called “Shopify Tags”.  Looks like this in the Klaviyo Profile: 

If customer service team are adding Customer Tag, then it’ll stay with the Profile (unless they remove it) so if your Abandoned Cart email has a Flow Filter on it, it may not work.  Is it possible for Customer Service to tag the Order and not the Customer?  If you can get the tags on the Order, then you can probably use a Trigger Filter (if the order has a specific tag) to skip it, otherwise send the Abandoned Cart email.

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Thanks so much guys for your response.

I will check with the client, as they haven’t specified if the tags are being added to the customer or order on their end. Appreciate all the help!