Abandoned Cart - Single purchase vs Subscription

  • 1 October 2023
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I’m working for a client that offers single product purchases as well as a subscription option. Is there a way to create an abandoned cart flow where it looks at if the person had an individual SKU in their cart vs had a subscription product/box in their cart? If so, how does one set this up? 

For reference, I’m using Shopify (ecom platform) and Skio (subscription platform). 



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Hi @ccs-aeh 

Thank you for posting your question in the community! 

While I have not directly used Skio for subscription programs with my clients, I’d imagine they integrate into Klaviyo with some of the similar information I have seen from other subscription platforms like Recharge. 

That said, I believe you should be able to, but it might be a little more complicate.

First, if you / your client have unique collections or SKUs at the product level that designate a single item vs. a subscription item, you can use a trigger split in the flow to target that collection. 

Second, I’d imagine Skio passes active subscription data into the profile properties for users as well as event data for new/cancelled subscriptions. I would start with the events to see what data they are passing to designate when a new event/subscription is created. For this to work, you would set up a flow using the Checkout Started event, but suppress anyone who also had the “Started Subscription” event, as an example. 

Alternatively, Skio might pass in a subscription start date or active status as a profile property. You could configure a flow filter or conditional split or additional message filter based on that property. 

I cannot say for certain how to set this up specifically with Skio, but I hope this gives you some ideas on how to look at what data Skio might send Klaviyo and how you could configure your flows for individual or subscription products.


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