Abandoned Cart - when does it start?

  • 6 January 2023
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I’ve been trying to set up an Abandoned Cart flow for a client, and we’re trying to figure out exactly how it works. The customer isn’t prompted to enter an email until midway through the process (between Information and Shipping) - so that means we can’t send them an email until after the address is submitted. 

Add to Cart > View Cart > Information | Shipping > Payment > Pay Now

However, there is a pop-up on the main page to sign up for a free guide. If someone enters their email there, does that mean Shopify is able to track their behavior from that point on - meaning the abandoned cart trigger can occur at any point after Add to Cart? 


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Hi @Quiet Owl ,

Thanks for sharing with the Community.

For a customer to trigger the abandoned cart flow, they will need to trigger the checkout started metric. To do this, a customer will have to start the checkout process and get all the way to the payment section. If they leave before the payment section, the checkout started metric will not be recorded. 
If you would like a customer to trigger a metric when adding a product to their cart, you can set up the custom added to cart metric for Shopify.
Here is a guide that will walk you through the setup.