Abandoned checkout not sending

  • 5 October 2022
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Hi there people!


I just started working on a new account and I can’t seem to find out where the problem lies.



It shows all skipped because of failed flow filters. 

But there are way more abandoned checkouts than 69.

I started a new one but so far in couple of days it skipped 10, but looking at the shopify data it should have skipped 30 and sent 30 as we had 62 people who reached checkout and 30 who converted.


How do I troubleshoot this? Thanks a lot <3


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Hey @Imshulcas!

Since ‘Checkout Started’ metric will only trigger if someone gets all the way to the checkout page and then leaves - it could be that a good portion of those abandon carts you see in your Shopify could have just been users who added items to their cart but never initiated checking out to then trigger the metric/flow.

I’d test adding in the ‘Add to Cart’ as a new Metric to capture those users and email them to see if that closes your gap in cart captures.

Here are the steps from Klaviyo on how to get this created with some script placement on site: