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I’m trying to insert the Profile Created date for a Notification in a Flow.  I’ve tried :



{{personLookup:’Profile Created’}}
{{eventLookup:’Profile Created’}}

Any tips?


Best answer by David To 3 June 2022, 23:07

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Hi there,
Could you, please try this one : {{ person|lookup:'Profile Created' }}



Let me know if this works

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Thanks for the response.  I had a typo there in my example.  When I use {{ person|lookup:'Profile Created' }}, it returns “None”.

Any other ideas?


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Hey @Tomb and @potter,

Great attempts and collaboration! 

Unfortunately, referencing a profile’s creation date in an email is not supported at this time. This is because this property is seen more as “system information” than an actual property. 

One trick to see what profile properties can be referenced using variables would be using the {{ person }} variable and previewing the email. When previewing the email, this variable will print out a list of all accessible properties of the profile along with their associated values you were previewing as. 

I know this confusion has been brought up prior so I’ll share this feedback with some of our Product and Documentation teams!

I hope this helps!


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@David To thank you for the info and that is helpful.  I’m still a bit new to Klaviyo but we’re using it with more and more clients so I need to deepen my knowledge.


The intent of using Klaviyo Notification is to alert backoffice staff that a customer has completed a sign up process on their website.  Is there another attribute / entity I could leverage in Klaviyo to capture the approximate time the customer completed signup?  Can I access the date/time of an event in Klaviyo?


Thanks again.

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Hey @potter,

I think this would actually be a great use case for the “today” variable as mentioned in our How to Format Date Variables in Templates Help Center article.

Since your intended goal is to have a Notification sent out when a user subscribes, you could use the {% today "%Y-%m-%d" as today %} {{ today }} in the body of the email which would render the current date. This may not be the same date as the profile creation date property, but I believe using the current date would be better suited with what you’re trying to achieve - informing your own staff of when a user subscribes to your site. 

This is because users who have a profile created may not necessarily be subscribers. The profile created date is simply the date a profile was created and recognized within Klaviyo, hence being seen as system information. This is further highlighted in our Profile Updated & Profile Created section of the About the Information Section of a Profile Help Center article. 


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Thanks for the help David To.  All makes sense.