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  • 16 February 2024
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We have our Shopify catalog synced with Klaviyo so it feels like we should be able to dynamically access properties on those products in our marketing flows, specifically the product name.

Is there away that in our templates we can do something like {{ }} where the PRODUCT_ID is the id of the product from Shopify?

To clarify this is not in the an email triggered by Shopify, this is in our normal marketing emails that haven’t been triggered by an event from Shopify.


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HI Simon,

As you have your products synced with Klaviyo, you can integrate them in Klaviyo when creating emails.

 - Open an email in Klaviyo (i.e., an email template, unsent campaign, or flow email).
 - Drag a Product block into your email.

- Leave the content type set to Dynamic (which is the default setting).
- From the Product feed menu, choose a product feed.

- Choose which product details to display. Options include the item’s title, item’s price, and a customizable button. If all of these options are toggled off, each product’s image will appear without accompanying text.

You can read more here

Hope this helps. Good Luck


Hi Ley,


Thanks, that wasn’t what I was trying to do but appreciate the reply.

Turns out what I needed was the Catalog Lookup tag feature to insert product info directly in text.

{% catalog itemID unpublished="cancel" %}
{{ catalog_item.title }}
{% endcatalog %}