Activated flows after people already purchased

  • 18 June 2021
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So I didn’t realize you had to activate your flows and we launched our product. After about 60 sales came in i realized i need to activate the flow for people to get anything.


Is it too late, are the people that bought not going to be part of this flow or will klaviyo smartly recognize when they bought and send emails to that person?


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You can manually add those people that didn’t receive the flow yet.


Go into the flow you’re talking about, and in the upper right hand corner of the screen, click on Manage Flow. Then click on back populate. It will only add the people that meet the trigger condition, pass any flow or trigger filters you’ve added, and have not yet received the flow.


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Hello @ThePotionMan,

Adding to @DavidSandel’s great point, you find resources to further understand Klaviyo’s Back-Populate function from both the following articles:

Also keep in mind that when back-populating a metric triggered flow, the back-populate function will only reach as far back as the time delay set in the flow proceeding after the flow trigger. If you did not have a time delay following the trigger for a metric triggered flow, then back-populating would not function correctly. For example, if you had a one day time delay set after the trigger of the flow, when you click back-populate, the flow will attempt to reach back within the last twenty four hours to queue customers up for the flow. Even if contacts had met the condition to be queued for the flow, but has exceeded the twenty four mark would not be queued up for the flow as it may not longer appropriate to queue them up. 

Also note that your flow should be Live when you back-populate, else if you initiate this function when the flow was still in Draft, the feature will still activate, however since the emails are all in Draft, the flows would not send out. If this occurs I would recommend cloning the flow entirely, setting the newly cloned flow Live, and back-populating the cloned flow. 

I hope this helps!