add customers payment method to order confirmation

  • 30 April 2021
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Hey, I want to to setup an order confirmation flow which shows the customers selected payment method (with no real coding experience).

There are a couple of methods like Amazon Pay, Paypal, Klarna and more  in the shopify Store.

I came across: but seems to fit my needs better.

But when i add

{{ transaction.extra.gateway_display_name }} or {{ transaction.extra.gateway }} or {{ event.extra.payment_details }} or {{ event.extra.payment_details.credit_card_company }} my preview always shows nothing.

Paypal isn’t a credit card company maybe that’s why i see no result.

Can someone give me a hint or a ressource on how to get the payment method based on customers Choice?

Thanks in advance.


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7 replies

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Hello @Frank,

I would first recommend looking into the following articles as they would guide you on how to pull in event data to be displayed within Klaviyo emails. Both Klaviyo and Shopify use different syntaxes and therefore the syntaxes provided in those Shopify documents would not translate over to Klaviyo as they would only be meant for Shopify Notification Templates.

Keep in mind that Klaviyo emails can only parse and display syntaxes/tags referencing event data within their appropriate Flows and not with a campaign or an email template not housed within a flow. Therefore, if you were previewing the email you created in either a campaign or as a general email template, those syntaxes would not display. 

Using the Klaviyo preview tool within your Flow email allows you to see a list of all the metadata that is shared and synced to Klaviyo. Doing so would allow you to select the variable and value you want to display and also offer you the dynamic syntax needed to add to your templates to display them when previewing as highlighted in the gif found in the How to Find Event Variables section of the About Using Event Variables to Personalize Flows article. 

Hope this helps!



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thank you for your time and effort. Exactly what i needed! It helped me a lot already!



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Hi Frank! Just wanted to ask what event variable you used for this? 

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Hey @jdbrngr,

i took {{ event.extra.gateway }}.

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Hi @David To,

The links you pointed to isn’t working any longer. Do you know where I can find them now?

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Hey @Tomas,

Thanks for pointing that out! Those links should now be leading to the correct Help Center articles. 

In addition, our template specialist, @Anna McCarthy recently provided a very helpful Community post on building dynamic table blocks from your event data which I’ve included below:


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Hi All - is there an updated response here on how to include the payment method/details for an order in the order confirmation email for a store that is integrated with Shopify? Thank you in advance.