Added to cart trigger on shopify home page

  • 15 April 2024
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I'm currently working with a single page e-commerce website. We're looking to use a flow that triggers with an abandoned cart, but since the customer never goes to a designated product page, the 'added to cart' trigger isn't firing. After discussing with support they are saying an add to cart, from a product page must be used. Does anyone know of a workaround, or a way that an add to Cart button on a homepage can trigger this event in order to activate the flow?

1 reply

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Hey @Siddique2020 

Thanks for reaching out for help with this. While our support team is correct, that the add to cart metric can only be used on product pages, there might be other options the community can help you explore more. Can you share more about what you are trying to accomplish? Why do you want to use the add to cart metric since this isn't a product page? Are your customer able to add products to a checkout from this page? If so, have you thought about using the abandon checkout metric instead? 

Let us know some more details and Im sure one of our genius community members will be able to help!