Adding a Prefix to Preview Emails

  • 5 December 2020
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When working on a campaign or template, you may want to send Preview emails to get feedback or to see how it looks in your inbox.  A good idea is to add a “Prefix” to the Subject Line so your team members don’t panic thinking that an email was delivered before it was planned! 

Luckily, this can be configured in your Account Settings so Preview Emails will automatically have a Prefix that you choose without having to manually add this each time. 

You can do this in: Account → Settings → Email

I like to use the prefix “[test]” so it’s short and nice and clear that the Preview Emails are not actual campaign emails. 

2 replies

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This a great tip!! Thanks

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@retention Love this tip! Especially when there can be multiple people sending campaigns or overseeing communications, it’s helpful to quickly identify what will or will not hit thousands of inboxes! Thanks for sharing this!