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  • 15 April 2024
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I would like to CC people on my campaign but I do not have the option to add a CC or BCC. How do I add this option in?


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3 replies

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Hi @BrittN 

Thank you for your question in the Klaviyo Community 😊

Email Campaigns do not offer the feature to BCC or CC receiptent’s on sends, however, Flows do.

In regards to wanting to do this for Email Campaigns, this would be achieved by creating a Static List (assuming it is a set email address list for every send to be CC or BCC) and just ensuring this list is part of the target audience. They technically would not be CC / BCC, but rather part of the main sending list.

Can I ask what the use case is for doing this on email campaigns?



Good day, I’d like to send some emails and cc/bcc my colleagues. The purpose of doing so is that my colleagues may reponse to the emails if anyone replied back. Would this be possible to fulfill? And how can I do it? Many thanks

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You won’t have that functionality in an ESP.

Send from a central mailbox and give everyone access to that mailbox. Work with color codes for each person (if someone starts to follow up on a mail they flag it in their color).