Adding Dynamic Image of Last Viewed Product

  • 21 April 2022
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I have already built a browse abandonment flow that is triggered when someone is entered into a list. I have a Klaviyo pop up on product pages when they intend to leave or after they have been there for a certain amount of time but have not added to cart or started checkout. 

I want to add an image to the first email that will display the photo of the last product that they viewed. For some reason it wont show up when i follow the instructions from:

It does work if i use the template flow browse abandonment standard but even if i make that a template email and put the same email into my current flow, it doesn't show the dynamic info. I wonder if its because my flow is not triggered by an event? I track the viewed product from Shopify inside Klaviyo, but for some reason this dynamic content isn't working….what am i doing wrong? 


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Hey @JD247 

Really great question, thanks for asking!

Dynamic images can only be used in event triggered flows, therefore it will not work in a list triggered flow. However, you can achieve something similar by adding a trigger filter What someone has or has not done then select viewed product > at least once > over all time.  Adding this trigger filter will allow you to build a table block in the email that will pull in their most recently viewed items. The article i just linked will walk you through exactly how to build the table block in the email editor.

Hope this helps!

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@stephen.trumble I have tried adding the triggers to both the flow trigger and also as a filter on the email, both ways did not show the viewed product. It was just blank. ANything i should look at?