Adding email to a live flow, recipients aren't being added

  • 13 February 2024
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I am trying to add an email to a live flow but it’s not sending. I sent the first email last week and I tried to add the second email yesterday but when looking at the recipient list, it was empty. 

When looking at the recipient list 



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Hi @HaloNancy,

I’m not 100% sure about this, but I think since you sent the first email last week, and then added the time delay and second message later - the original profiles that were in the flow have already exited the flow, so they can no longer receive new messages that are added.

If you want to test content, you can make the time delay shorter, and add a test profile or two to your list/segment. You can also clone the flow and have it trigger from a new list, and then add the original profiles to the list.

This article has some good insights about time delays.

Hope this helps!