After a order is place how do I copy the customer email into a new list?

  • 17 October 2023
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At the moment when someone make a purchase they are added to a flow called (thank you for your order). I would also like to add them to a secondary flow (Welcome Series).

2 replies

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Welcome to the community @Asthma15 

You could extend your existing post-purchase ‘thank you’ flow as it’s already using a placed order trigger. This is what I typically do and would recommend.

Alternatively, if you want to keep these flows separate, create a new ‘welcome’ flow with a placed order trigger, or a fulfilment trigger if that’s more appropriate. If you take this approach, just make sure your messages between both flows aren’t crossing over.

Hope that helps


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@Asthma15 if the flows are set up correctly, and the integration as well. This should trigger automatically if it’s a new customer. i.e. if you have it set for any new subscribers going to the list called “Newsletter” and the welcome flow is triggered by anyone who enters “Newsletter” than it should work.

Double-check your flow email Smart Send settings, because if you would like both to be sent fairly quickly, if that setting is toggled on, they could not receive one of them.