Arctic Leaf Cart Rebuilder for BigCommerce - does it need custom "added to cart" code added?

  • 9 July 2021
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Hi all,


Just made my first abandoned checkout flow live and noticed the “your cart is empty” issue. Seems like it could be a pretty dissatisfying experience for customers who may jump between devices.

I saw this app mentioned:

Has anyone used it or have any comments? It doesn't mention this anywhere as far as I can see, but would it also need the “added to cart” code embedded as mentioned here: ?

If anyone has any input on how the arctic leaf AC flow could work alongside of, or in place of other abandoned cart/checkout flows it would be really helpful, thanks!

7 replies

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Hey @wernstrom,

From my understanding, Arctic Leaf is a third-party tool that extends the BigCommerce environment. Although Klaviyo does not have a native integration for this tool, it does appear Arctic Leaf has their own connection to Klaviyo which you can find in their documentation articles below:

I’m also curious about this tool and looking forward to hearing further feedback and experiences some of our Community members have in using this tool in-tandem with Klaviyo. 


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Coincidentally, Klaviyo and Arctic Leaf will be hosting a webinar next week, Tues August 31st, alongside Hit Point Press! Although this webinar will specifically be on SMS Marketing, it might still give you some insight into Arctic Leaf. If you’re interested, you can sign up for the webinar here

Based on this news article from Arctic Leaf, it doesn’t appear that there’s any additional code needed. The links that provided above seems like a great place to start if you’re looking to implement. 

How does it work?

The Cart Rebuilder App dynamically sends user cart data to Klaviyo so that flow recipients can receive emails with links to regenerate their cart without cookies, regardless of the device or browser they are using. The app is an easy one-click installation in BigCommerce, i.e., there’s NO CODE REQUIRED. Simply install and enable the Cart Rebuilder App from the BigCommerce Marketplace and it will immediately begin pulling cart event data to track users’ abandoned carts. 

NOTE: You will also need to have a Klaviyo account and the Klaviyo app installed and integrated in your BigCommerce store to use the Cart Rebuilder App. 



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Hi , the app is easy to set up and integrate, but according to the AL support there is an issue at Klaviyos end, and the app is essentially not working as intended - at least the last time I tested it. So yeah, it sounds great but until Klavio fix whatever it is, it doesn’t work anymore.


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Hi @wernstrom - I wanted to clarify this after speaking with Arctic Leaf this morning, since it is not a Klaviyo issue.


As a result of BigCommerce adjusting how they handle their AJAX calls, it required updates to be made to Arctic Leaf’s cart rebuilder and their devs are currently completing that update. They hope to have it taken care of in the next day or so.


For anyone who may need to reach out to Arctic Leaf about the connector, you can visit this FAQ page and use the contact link at the bottom:

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Hi @matt.serwin , that’s good to hear. I did have AL’s support tell me it was an issue at klaviyo’s end the last time I heard from them, it felt like both parties were not really sure where or what the problem was, but I’m very happy it was identified and is now being resolved. 

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Thanks @wernstrom and you’re correct that there was some early confusion, but I spoke with Arctic Leaf’s CTO and it was definitely a change on the BC side that triggered it. 

Good news is that he confirmed that the update is completed and everything should be functioning properly again. Should you run into any issues from here, feel free to reach out to them at



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Hi @matt.serwin, FYI, I’ve been able to test this finally and it is showing an empty cart upon opening the email on a different device using chrome. Using firefox on the different device worked as expected.


I’ll be forwarding my testing steps to arctic leaf to see if they can ID the issue.