Are customers removed from the Welcome Series once they have purchased?

  • 14 June 2021
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I paid someone to set up all my flows and not sure if the Welcome flow is right.

On the Welcome flow, there are 3 emails scheduled to go out. (See attachment)
(1st) Immediately:  Customer gets 20% discount code that expires in 7 days.
(2nd) Wait 3 days:  ... gets reminder to use their code before it expires in 4 days.
(3rd) Wait 4 days:  ... gets friendly reminder that code was expiring at midnight.

1) According to the attached Welcome flow, if customer uses coupon on the first day, does 2nd and 3rd email automatically stops or is there supposed to be filters in there somewhere

to stop the remaining 2 flows from going out?

2) If customer buys after receiving the 2nd email, does the the 3rd email automatically stops or is there supposed to be a filter before the 3rd email to stop it from going out?


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Hello @jess,

Thank you for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community.

I will address both of your questions here. First, I am prefacing the answers based on the assumption that all flow emails will be in live mode. In your flow’s current state, (according to your screenshots) since only the first flow email is live, users would receive email 1 but skip over email 2 and 3 because they are in draft mode. Emails in draft mode will always be skipped until their status is updated to manual or live.

If a customer uses a coupon code, the flow will not automatically remove them without any filters present. Also, in terms of excluding people from flows who use coupons -- Klaviyo can only filter people out of the flow who use a static coupon code. In this case, you would specify the static coupon code name in the flow filter using the “Discount Codes” condition like the following screenshot: 


If you generated unique coupon codes using Klaviyo, you will not be able to filter users out of the flow based on them using the specific coupon. However, you can add a flow filter: What somebody has done > Placed Order zero times since starting this flow. This will automatically filter out anyone who places an order while going through this flow because flow filters are evaluated before each email is sent in the flow. Flow filters would also apply to any new-new emails you add to the flow at a later time, if you choose to do so.


I hope that helps! Thanks and have a wonderful day.

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Your answer was VERY helpful, but here’s another scenario….

What if a new subscriber got his 20% coupon code and started the checkout process but did not finish for whatever reason.

A 2nd email from the Welcome flow is then scheduled to go out in 3 days to remind the subsciber to use his 20% off coupon, BUT I also have an Abandon Cart flow that is triggerred after 3 hours that a customer abandons his cart.   This email offers the customer a 10% discount to finish his checkout.  

1)  Would the customer also get an email from the Abandon Cart flow offering him 10% off?
2)  If so, could customer combine these coupons and get 30% off?


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Hello @jess,

Thanks for such a great answer @dov.derin!

In the instance you have multiple flows Live such as a Welcome Series flow and an Abandoned Cart flow, so long as the customer qualifies for both of these flows they would be eligible to receive both of them and queued up for both flows. In your particular case, should a customer be going through the Welcome Series flow but then also abandoned their cart, they would be offered the 10% off email from that particular flow.

If you wish for customers to be excluded from a flow should they qualify for another one, you can use the flow filter rule of “What someone has done, Received Email where Flow equals X at least once in the last X days”. For example, if you had this flow filter rule applied to your Abandoned Cart flow as ““What someone has done, Received Email where Flow equals Welcome Series at least once in the last 3 days”, this would exclude customers who are already going through the Welcome series flow being queued up for the Abandoned Cart flow.

Furthermore, customers who receive multiple discount codes, such as your case, would only be able to apply one discount code per sale. Discount codes are one time use codes and are limited to one per transactional by default. 

Hope this helps!


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Is the filter of “ Placed Order zero times” should appear on every email of the flow or is it enough for the first one ? 

my concern is that a customer will purchase on second email but will get other email as well

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Hello @Yoavshaf,

The filter of “What someone has done, Placed Order Zero times since starting this flow” would actually only need to be applied once as a flow filter. Because flow filters are evaluated at every step of the flow, you would not need to add this filter to every email in the flow. 

With this flow filter in place, customers who make a purchase at any point while going through the flow would be removed and considered skipped from the flow for failing this flow filter. 

You can learn more about using flow filters from the Flow Triggers and Filters article Klaviyo offers.

Hope this helps!



Hello @David To,

what happens, if a current customer signs to the Welcome flow (with the filter “Placed Order Zero times since starting this flow”)?

Will current customers get the emails from the flow until they buy with the code or did they not get the emails because they’re already customers?

I dont’ want to “punish” current customers, so it would be good, if they get the email with the code.

How can I avoid, that a current customer signs in, get the code, unsubscribe and signs in again to get the code again?

Thanks for your help!