Are these conditional splits configured correctly in my Flow?

  • 27 October 2021
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Hi folks,

I’m trying to make sure I have my conditional splits set up properly. Although this flow isn’t getting a lot of volume I thought it would be an interesting test to try and move profiles along to encourage repeat purchases, especially from P1 to P2. For context: P0 = Zero previous purchases, P1 = 1 previous purchase and so on. 

Since we don’t have many customers who are P3, I don’t want these splits to go on forever, but I’m not sure if I’m choosing the right conditions to “filter” the results through.

Split 1 - Placed order = 0 

Split 2 - Placed order = 1 

Split 3 - Placed order is at most 2 < This is where I’m confused. Will the previous splits also filter results so this split will only receive people from the previous splits who have only ordered more than once? If so, I can then use the Yes branch for P2 profiles, and the no branch for everyone P2+ 

Maybe I’m overthinking this but I wanted to be sure… 




Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 28 October 2021, 20:15

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Hi @wernstrom


Thanks for sharing your question with us! 


Yes, your Flow configuration does look correct for what you want to accomplish with your Conditional Splits! If a user has triggered the flow by viewing a product, completing the criteria if there are additional filters, and HAS bought more bought placed an order more than two times, let’s say 3, they will flow through and only receive the email : Browse Abandonment | P2+ - Email 1. However, if they have only placed two orders over all time, they will go to the YES path and receive the Browse Abandonment | P2 - Email 1 as their first email. 


Thanks for asking your question in the Community! 


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Great, thank you so much for clarifying @Taylor Tarpley !