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  • 20 July 2021
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Currently I send all my subscribers emails about products and workshops.

The workshops aren’t relevant to many people because they live too far away.

I want to send my email subscribers a campaign to asking them to tell me if they want to get the emails about the workshops and products or just products. Then have them put into the correct segment to match their answer. 

What’s the best way to do this?


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Hello @Simone Nabholz,

Great question!

To give your customers this option to update their preference I would suggest either customizing and linking your customers to the Manage Preference Page or to create several Update Profile Property links within the email outreach itself. 

After customizing your Manage Preference page, you can include a question asking customers what sort of content they would like to receive and linking customers to this page from the email outreach. The questions and answered asked would then be used to update your customer’s profiles properties which you can then create segments off of to find the results and target them. You can learn more about customizing the Manage Preference page and how contacts can access it from the Understanding Opt-in Related Pages for a List and How to Custom Code an Unsubscribe or Manage Preferences Page Help Center Articles. 

Alternatively, a more seamless way to collect this information from your customers would be using an Update Profile Property hyperlinked to either a phrase, button, or image as detailed in the How to Use Links to Collect Information About Your Recipients article. This function would update or amend a profile property based on the link or button your customers clicked on within the email. For example, if you had a question asking what sort of emails your customers were interested in, you can have two buttons underneath the question; one for products and the other for workshops. When done correctly, customers who click on either one of these options would then have a custom profile property added, tagging these contacts which you can then create segments off of. 

This sort of strategy has also been detailed in similar Community posts which i’ve included below:

In addition to the articles already provided, I would also suggest taking a look at the following Help Center Articles related to your question that may prove helpful:

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Hey @David To, I hope you are fine.

The links you provided are not working. I need to update the preference page, and also I need a guide to properties. Can you please help?