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  • 24 October 2023
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We have Pipedrive as our CRM system and you can have access to all customer emails received to a specific inbox. Ours is a hello@ type email address and we have most, if not all, emails related to our business BCC'd through there and re-forwarded so every email sent to and received from the customer will appear in their profile on Pipedrive.


We send client’s various emails (whether campaigns) or individual personal emails. They are always sent from ‘hello@', however this email never appears in our hello@ inbox and subsequently does not appear in our client’s Pipedrive account. Pipedrive gives us a Smart BCC email address to that we can attach to any email and it will appear on the user’s account.  Can anybody help me out? Is there a way to BCC all emails through Klaviyo so they actually appear in the inbox, or Pipedrive user’s account?



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Hey @lisaspencer 

This is a really great question!

I’m having a hard time finding documentation to be able to help answer this clearly. Im reaching out to one of our product experts to get another set of eyes on your question and will follow up as soon as I have your answer!

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Hey Lisa,


Markus here from Outfunnel.

We’ve just actually built an integration for that:


You can essentially sync sends, opens, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes automatically over to Pipedrive once they occur.


Would that solve it? Happy to also chat to understand your use case a bit better if you’d like:


Looks like you can do this with Flows but not Campaigns. It would be good to have with Campaigns as well, so we can see all communications with a lead in our CRM, so we know what they have and haven’t been presented with.


This is for trade emails, not DTC, where that wouldn’t be useful.  

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Regular campaigns are also supported actually - when setting it up in Outfunnel you’d just have to target a list or a segment (whichever you sent the campaign to).


The only type of campaign we don’t support are transactional emails.

Happy to show this in action if you’d like - feel free to book a time with me here:

I appreciate that you have a product that is external from Klaviyo that solves this issue for some platforms.  It’s unfortunate that Klaviyo doesn’t support this in Campaigns as well as Flows so that we could have a simple solution that didn’t require another spend or complexity.  It would also work on our CRM which your platform doesn’t integrate with.

The challenge with integrating to CRMs is that there are literally a few thousand CRM’s out there. It’s not feasible to integrate into all of them.  BCC is a very old school method of collecting all messages sent to contact without having to code/maintain an integration.

I assume that they don’t allow it with Campaigns because it would double the amount of mail sends. That is a UX issue that should be navigable.  For DTC that could be 10’s of thousands of mails if not millions.  For trade emails it’s more manageable.