Automatically deleting profile from a list after flow is completed

  • 15 December 2022
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Hi guys,

I have a flow problem.  We run a 21 Day Plant Based challenge and the Welcome + 21 daily emails are triggered when someone signs up via FB or IG.  All good, they get added to the LIST, then they’re off and away.

BUT, many people want to do the challenge again down the track.  I see that those sign ups don’t get added to the list, as they are already on there, so am having to manually remove and then add them again, to trigger the flow.

I thought maybe I could delete them automatically from the 21 Day list - either by some kind of auto trigger once they complete the flow.

Or, can I somehow produce a list (report) of all subscribers over a month old, and collectively move them to a different, archive list??  I could just do this manually every month or something.

Or is there a way I can ask Klaviyo to ignore if they’ve joined a list before, and join it again??

Or any other creative fixes?




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Hello @KiwiVegan,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

Great questions! First, I would not advise deleting existing subscribers and then re-adding them to a list to re-trigger a flow. Since deleting a profile involves deleting their entire profile/contact history, this could cause some disconnects in your analytics and prevent them from going through other flows they may be eligible for or already going through such as abandoned cart, post purchase, or order confirmation flows. 

List and segment flows are meant to only allow subscribers to enter them once. Although this is a drawback if you offer a unique experience like providing a digital download as part of the flow, the benefit would be preventing abuse from users trying to receive an incentive like a discount multiple times. Instead, you’ll want to use a metric triggered flow to allow members to re-enter a flow. I’ve previously explained how to allow subscribers to re-enter a flow using a metric triggered flow in the Community post below:

To summarize, the easiest way would be to have a metric triggered on when your signup form is submitted. This can be done by custom coding this behavior on your website through either the use of a custom/legacy signup form or through a backend event listener on your website. If you need help from a developer setting this up, I would advise reaching out to some of our wonderful Klaviyo Partners or post in our Community Job Board.

I hope this helps!


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Hi David,

So helpful - thank you!

I’ve been thrown in the deep end with Klaviyo and trying to get it all up and running! 
This is so useful to now understand more thoroughly how flows are set up to work.

I’ve read a bit more about metric-triggered flows now ,from your useful links above; it’s starting to make sense, but yes, I may need to reach out to a Klaviyo expert to help set it up!

Thanks again for your time!

Best, Meg