Automation is slow?

  • 27 January 2021
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I need to send a voucher code to new subscribers immediately when they they  subscribe at our website so they can use it at checkout, but the email is sent after 3-4 minutes allways and its disappointing since you might lose the interest of the customer. If i send a regurlar email its delivered within seconds, so why is delay with the automation ? is there any fix for this`?




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4 replies

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Hi @Fmsojo ,

Do you send them a unique discount code or the static one? 
If you use the static one you can show it on the confirmation message on your form. 

Will that work? 

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It works if i use double opt in but i will not use it so there will be no confirmation letter right? 

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@Fmsojo - Taking a different approach than @AndriyBoychuk, I recommend sending coupon codes via email because it encourages users to use real email addresses, its harder to abuse coupon usage especially if you use unique uploaded coupon codes, subscriber is properly identified and cookied, and since these emails typically high open rates because of the incentive, it can help lift up your overall engagement rate with Inbox providers to improve your deliverability.

Here’s a few things to check to send emails with less delay:

  • Is your Welcome Flow a Segment Triggered or List Triggered Flow? If it’s a Segment Triggered Flow, it can have some delay as Segmentation can take some time to process.  See here: How Segments Update.  See if you can accomplish the same Flow by using a List Triggered Flow as they are sent faster.
  • Are you using a Klaviyo Signup Form to capture emails or is it a WooCommerce (or 3rd party plugin) form that captures the email as a WooCommerce subscriber.  When this happens, the sync from WooCommerce to Klaviyo may contribute to a slight delay.  Try using an Klaviyo Signup Form (or Legacy Signup Forms) so that emails are sent directly into Klaviyo and not through WooCommerce first.
  • If you disable Double-Optin and go with Single Opt-in, then there will be no confirmation email sent from Klaviyo and users will be immediately subscribed to the List you specified.

Hope this helps and let us know if it worked!

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@Fmsojo no, you do not need the double opt in. I am talking about the success message after they sign up 


However, I agree 100% with Joseph @retention It is my better to deliver the coupon code via email.