Avoid repetition when sending suggestions

  • 30 May 2022
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I want to create a campaign in which each week I suggest a random selection of trendy pieces. The problem is that if I choose an ordering proposed by Klaviyo, clothes can be the same from one week to another. I want the process to be as automated as possible (and avoid selecting each piece myself), is it possible ? how can it be done ? 

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Hi @Laurent

Depending on how much change/variation there is in both the products selection and views/orders there might not be a lot of change on a weekly base to use dynamic product blocks. 

To make sure you're keep it varied you could setup a couple of product feeds (i.e. week 1, week 2, week 3) in Klaviyo that have different categories or different ordering or that even uses a different metric (viewed, viewed + ordered or ordered). If you have a couple of these you could then rotate between these from week to week. Be sure to also set the use personalized recommendations to yes when adding this feed in an email. 

Other than that I think you're stuck to manual selections afaik.