Back In Stock Flow -Standard. Additional flow steps

  • 20 September 2022
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We are on Shopify and have enabled the Back In Stock Flow -Standard.

The flow is pretty straight forward, a user subscribes to be notified when an item is back in stock, there’s “Back in Stock Delay” that will wait till the item is back in stock and when it does come back in stock, it will send out an email to subscribers of this specific item letting them know that it’s back in stock.

With our catalog though, a lot of items might never come back in stock or could be out of stock for a long period of time ( 6 - 12 months).

What we would like to do is add a split, after 4 days, if the item did not come back into stock then send the customer a follow up email letting them know that we haven’t forgotten about them.

There seems to be no trigger or filter that would allow us to conditionally split after X amount of time if the user has already received the notification that the item is back in stock or not.


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Interesting scenario (I like the thinking behind it!).


I’ve never done this before, but I like a good puzzle :)


What about doing it this way:

  1. Add custom profile property after the back in stock flow email is sent to let you know the subscriber got that email
  2. Create a segment that adds people based on them subscribing to the back in stock flow AND having that profile property in step 1 to FALSE
  3. Create a new flow that uses the Segment in step 2 as the trigger.  There will be a 4 day time delay and then that message you want to send out.  However, have a flow filter, if someone gets that property in step 1 added to their profile, they don’t get the email in the flow.

Hope that sparks some ideas.  If anyone else has a solution, I’d be curious to hear it (I may want to try this out as well!)

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@Mailbox Manny


Thanks! After I posted the question last night, I decided to try something very similar to what you suggested so I guess we’re on the right path :)


The only thing I was attempting to do differently was to keep track of what product they subscribed for, in case they subscribe to more than one product.

I added a step in the flow to store the `{{ event.ProductID }}` when a subscriber signs up as a Profile property, but instead of storing the actual ProductId, it just stored a text string “{{ event.ProductID }}”