Back in stock form in the product page and not as a Popup

  • 15 October 2021
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In order to simplify the User experience, I would like to have the Email placeholder and button of the Back in stock form, directly in the product page and not as a Popup (like the example here below).

How can I do it ?

Thanks !



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Hello @zied_drira,

Great question!

At present, Klaviyo’s back in stock model is hardcoded to be a popup form and would not be adjustable to be an embedded form. However, this does not mean you would not be able to use an embedded form as part of Klaviyo’s back in stock function. You can still achieve your goal of using an embedded form model with Klaviyo’s back in stock function by custom coding and building out your own embedded model and UI to be leveraging Klaviyo’s API to initiate the back in stock request to be record the event. In fact, building out and using a custom solution for the back in stock functionality isn’t new and has been discussed in a number of Community posts! I’ve included a few below which I believe may be helpful:

In addition to these Community posts, I would suggest working with a developer you are familiar with or finding a Klaviyo partner who can further assist in implementing this solution. Some more resources we have on this topic that I think will prove helpful can be found in the following Help Center articles:


I’ll also be sharing your feedback and use case to our Product Team to explore the potential possibility of allowing more flexibility in Klaviyo’s back in stock model to allow for the use of embed and flyout models!

I hope this helps and thanks for being a part of the Klaviyo Community!


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Thanks for your answer.

I will try to use the API to achieve what I want.