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  • 8 April 2022
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Hey guys, 

hope you are fine!

This is our situation:

  • our shop went live 14 days ago
  • 14 days ago we started collecting emails through a form connected to our klaviyo “welcome flow”
  • we’re collecting emails in a specific list populated only by our customers emails (migrated from mailchimp)
  • Unfortunately, at the moment our shop is live but our welcome flow is still draft and it’s going live in 12 hours;
  • At the moment, we reached 70 new subscribers emails and no one of them are receiving our welcome flow;
  • So, we have 8k email contacts from mailchimp and new 70 subscribers in the same list linked to the same welcome flow;

My question is:

  • can I just send welcome flow to the new 70 subscribers?
  • I’m going to back-populating (attached option) the draft welcome flow in order to have just latest 70 subscribers as recipients. Is it right or wrong?




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Hi @Gio_raiseyourhand - When you back populate a Flow that’s based on a List trigger (subscribing to a List), there’s two options:

  1. Schedule recipients relative to when they were added to the List
  2. Schedule recipients relative to when you click back-populate.

If you select option #2 in the process, it will be as if they joined the List when you click “back-populate” and they will subsequently go through the Flow.  Anyone that is already in the Flow (or have already received all the messages in the Flow) will not go through the Flow - basically, no subscriber should ever go through the Flow more than once.  

Klaviyo has a good article that explains how back-populating works here:

Hope this helps!