Backpopulating past customers to enter my flow

  • 1 September 2021
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I set up a flow for past customers from the last 22 days but none of my customers show in the recipients list. can someone please explain if did something wrong



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Hello @snirazran,

Thank you for sharing this with the Klaviyo Community.

In order to achieve your goal, you will need to back-populate your flow. This is because back-populating allows you to target individuals who have done an action in the past and retroactively add them to a flow.

There are different types of back-population depending on the flow trigger. Since you are using an event (metric) to trigger this flow, when you back-populate, users will get queued-up for the email according to where they fall in the flow’s time-delay timeline. For example, if you had a 10 day time-delay in your flow, individuals who placed an order 8 days ago would receive this flow email in 2 days. Users who placed an order 4 days ago would receive this flow email in 6 days. In other words, for metric-triggered flows, the time-delay is the time of reference for the back-population and we will not back-populate users who fall outside of that timeframe. So using a 10-day time delay for back-population would only back-populate people who placed an order up to 10 days ago. 

In your case, since you are targeting individuals who placed an order up to 22 days ago, you will need to use a 22-day time delay for back-population. And users will receive this email relative to that date. For example, after you add a 22-day time-delay and back-populate, users who placed an order 20 days ago will receive this flow email in 2 days from now, users who placed an order 10 days ago would receive this flow email in 12 days from now, and so on for all qualified users.

Also, if you plan to keep this flow live after you action this back-population, I recommend removing the 22-day time delay that was used for back-population, removing the flow filter and reinstating the 1 hour time delay to ensure that net-new users receive this flow email 1 hour after their purchase.

I hope that was helpful!