Best practices for leveraging product catalogs with automations

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Hi all –

We are looking to start using the catalog feed feature of Klaviyo, but are trying to wrap our heads around what sort of functionality it would allow for. The obvious one, of course, is utilizing this product information in dynamic blocks within templates. But going beyond that, what are the capabilities for example when it comes to setting up automated flows around state changes in the catalog (e.g. new item added, trigger a campaign with a template that utilizes the catalog item info). is it possible to dynamically create audiences for such campaigns depending on some of the catalog item parameters (e.g. category/type/brand, etc.)

Just curious how other folks are utilizing the platform when it comes to dynamic content and marketing automations.

We also want to make sure we do the catalog set up with these capabilities in mind, as it may impact the schema, etc. (and beyond catalog, of custom events tracking in relation to these items).

Thankful for any and all feedback or pointers!


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Hey @Bolt0941 

Welcome to the community and congrats on your first post! Happy to help start the discussion!

Check out this other community post on product feeds. Its a great intro into how and when to use product feeds on your automations.

@In the Inbox @ebusiness pros or @KatherineB, as our champions your advice is often better then what I can give. Any advice for Bolt?

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Hi @Bolt0941,


This is a great question! I don’t use this feature very often, since some of my clients prefer to have more precise control over each product photo that’s featured in the email, but this is a REALLY SMART tool to have in your toolbox. 


My favorite part of using the product feed is when you can add a block displaying 3 products, that are dynamically recommended based on what the email recipient has already purchased, and/ or viewed recently. Often, I’ll do this with a feed of “most popular products” or “bestsellers” and include it at the bottom of an Abandoned Cart/ Checkout flow email with the subhead “You May Also Like” or “Recommended for You.” I’ve also done this with a product-focused Welcome Series flow email.


I love the idea of having new products automatically added to an email’s content, though it would need to be a flow email in order to leverage the automation. This doesn’t work for campaign emails, unless you build that email and leverage the product feed, then send the campaign manually. 


One thing you could do along these lines though, is configure a product collection in Shopify (or your store) for “recently added products” -- then you should have a product feed option in Klaviyo to select that collection. You could add that to a Welcome Series flow email, to feature new products specifically. A Customer Winback flow might also be a good time to use that…


I hope this helps you get started!


~ Gabrielle
Klaviyo Champion & Marketing Lead at ebusiness pros