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  • 30 March 2023
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Hi there! We just finished our warming process and are ready to switch over our email campaign sending to Klaviyo, but we’re having some issues keeping everything organized. In our previous email client we could put campaigns into folders to keep them neat. I know that Klaviyo has the ability to tag and filter, but it seems like that’s not the best way. Maybe we just aren’t used to it, but wanted to see if anyone has any tips on this and how to keep your images/assets organized as well. 


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5 replies

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Hi @smcwherter, welcome to the community and Klaviyo!

I work across many Klaviyo accounts both present and in the past, so I’ve seen my fair bit of “messy accounts” in Klaviyo that I’ve inherited.  Unfortunately, at this time, Klaviyo doesn’t have any organizational UX in their interface in terms of hiding/collapsing/sub-foldering or grouping things visually.  So using tags (and filters) is sort of the best place to start in terms of organizing your campaigns.

One thing that I do try to implement if the client is open to it, especially if you’re starting a new Klaviyo account, is to try to use clean and consistent naming conventions.  As a bonus, typically the Campaign names also make it into other tools like Google Analytics (via UTM parameters) - so having clean and organized naming conventions can help you sort through the clutter.

At the most basic, I like to start my Campaigns with the intended date it’s meant to be sent, follow by a short description (I use dashes to separate spaces), and following by some thematic group shorthand or labels; each section separated by an underscore.  As a once upon a time software engineer, I tend to avoid “spaces” (and other special characters) because sometimes it messes things up with URL encoding, parsing data (you’ll have to put quotes around strings with spaces), etc.  I also use mostly lower-case so I don’t have to fret about it later unless it’s an abbreviation (like BFCM).  

So for me, my preferred and recommended naming convention looks like this:


The first part is the the date (YYMMDD) - followed by description - followed by a contextual theme (promotions, product, newsletter, events, vip, etc).

Now, I can quickly do a search in Klaviyo to jump to a certain month (e.g. 2304), only product/promo (though these can be tags as well), or “april-fools” to see all the past years’ april fools campaign all in the search bar. 

So it’s a bit tedious and slightly OCD to keep things organized this way, but a little upfront effort I found to be super useful later down the road when you’re looking at your past campaigns and trying to remember what “Campaign 1” or “New Campaign Version 2” means 3 months from now!

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I would LOVE to see folder organization but agree naming and tags are best practices with the current options. 

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Hey @bermmarketing 

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback! We love to hear from our members (especially our Partners) on product improvements you’d like to see. I will roll your feedback up to our product team for their continued evaluation on creating folder organization. It’s members like you who help make Klaviyo better everyday!


What is humorous about this thread is that it’s called “Best Practices for Staying Organized” and the tag says “solved”. This will not be solved until we can use nested folders to organize the thousands of images that are going to be stored in the image library. This thread is over 6 months old. When will folders be incorporated?

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Unfortunately, organization and asset management inside the platform seems to be extremely lacking when held to the standard of a publicly traded company with more than enough resources and talent to improve it.

  • No folder option in anything (forms, segments, templates, flows etc)
  • Can only view 10 results per page of most things
  • universal content unnecessarily hard to keep track of unless you name it perfectly the first time (and no ability to rename...)
  • same with image content, the library is a total black hole with no good sorting or filtering. you have to name the image perfectly to ever have hope of version control and finding it again. My guess is if they made this too easy to manage it would cost them more cloud storage $ so instead we get bad UI/UX

Would love to hear some exciting updates, but this stuff has been this way for years as they grow the ecom monopoly. Hoping competition urges the updates needed here.