Best way to keep clients from exiting a flow (pausing a flow)

  • 25 May 2021
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We are working on creating some email subscription lists and flows that will need added to in the future. For example, we are curating a monthly family newsletter that has nutrition tips, a family recipe, and game night. Our interns this year created a year’s worth of content but we want to continue to add to it with future interns creating more content.  

What I don’t want is people exiting the flow before I have more content. 

What’s the BEST way to ‘pause’ a flow at a certain point so that the subscribers don’t exit the flow before I have time to publish additional content (Even if there’s a pause).  A draft email? ,  a ‘manual’ email? 

I don’t want a time delay , as I have adhd and sometimes I miss deadlines and time delays have caused my clients to exit flows before I had time to circle back and finish something.  



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3 replies

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Hello @YoFresh Food,

Thank you for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

In this case, your best bet is to turn the last email in the flow into manual mode. This will keep users active in the flow by queueing them up in a “Needs Review” status for the email in manual mode.

Once you have built out additional flow emails, and are ready to move users forward in the flow, you can dispatch the email in manual mode to everyone in Needs Review by clicking on the flow email > Needs Review and then click Send All.




At this point, you’ll likely want to turn this flow email status back to live to ensure future folks entering this flow email receive it automatically. After clicking Send All, these users will continue to move through the flow to receive subsequent flow emails (assuming these are in live mode). Repeat the process, whenever you have a point in the flow you’d like to “pause” people in.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.


Hi, I would just like to ask a follow up question here, if ever I will set it to manual and if I’ll want to resume sending it then I would just need to send it all right in Need Review, right? so what if after that email there is a time delay and a conditional flow below and emails are now live then would they still follow the time delay and conditional that I’ve put? 

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Hey @MLD98 

Thanks for the follow up question, happy to help!

You are correct, if you set a flow to manual and then back to Live, you will need to send to anyone in Need Review. Once the flow is set to Live and the profiles have been reviewed, your time delay and conditional split will work like normal and will be sent down the flow path again. 

Hope this helps clarify!