Browse Abandonment Flow - Better set-up help

  • 15 March 2023
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Recently set up a ‘browse abandonment flow’ but quickly realised that all staff members will constantly receive these which could be quite frustrating. 

Is there a way to: 

  • Remove emails from receiving this flow (internal members of staff)
  • Potentially restrict how often this flow is sent to a customer who regularly browses are website

Many thanks for your help,



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4 replies

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To remove internal staff members from receiving the 'browse abandonment flow' in Klaviyo, you can create a segment that excludes them based on their email address domain and then you can use it to exclude them from receiving the 'browse abandonment flow'. 

To restrict how often the 'browse abandonment flow' is sent to a customer who regularly browses your website, you can use a delay timer in the flow

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@Tonio flow filters are what you want, and then use the “has not been in this flow in the last x days” I usually use 14 or 30 days as the window. Otherwise, you’ll get one email for every product that you browsed (and were tracked against). 

Using a segment is fine as a filter, or an “email contains” then use your domain name as the filter.


Think Tonio and Matthew may be referring to lists instead of segments. 
You cannot exclude segments in flow filters but if you import all employee emails into a specific list, you can use flow filter “AND is not in list X” X being the list of all the employees.
Other option is as Matthew stated, using the “Properties about someone > Email > DOESN’T CONTAIN > ___company domain__”

Have a good one!

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Thank you all, I have been able to set this up. 

@matthewstuckings, I haven’t been able to find the ‘has not been in this flow in the last x days’ filter and wondered if I’m looking for this incorrectly. 

Many thanks