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Hi everyone.


Is there anyway I can build a report that will show which flow/campaign a product sale can be attributed to?

Any help would be much appreciated.





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Hello @Alex_27,

Great question!

At present Klaviyo does not offer a report that can break out product conversions by the flows/campaigns they are attributed to. As we’re expanding on our reporting capability, I think this would be a great addition and would be more than happy to share this feature request with our Product Team. 

Although such a feature isn’t possible at this time, what is possible would be creating reports that would show how many times a product was purchased and for what value - this is called a Product Performance report. This report would show how well your products performed across your entire account and does not take into account any message attribution.

Additionally, you can create reports that would highlight how well your emails/messages were doing by running a single metric deep dive and grouping the data by attributed message or attributed flow. This report however would not dive into product performance.

Essentially, you can run two individual reports, but not the combination of the two to break out product conversions and their attributed message. I’ve heard from some other Klaviyo users that they’ve found some moderate success through third-party tools that may be able to stitch this information together - may be worth exploring.

I hope this helps!


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Is this data exclusive to purchases made via email?



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Hey @Megan.Poole,

In the context of this thread, this would be discussing building reports on how to view data exclusively to purchases attributed to your Klaviyo emails. Hence the attributed message grouping in the custom report. 

However, there are a myriad number of use cases for custom reports. If you wanted to create a report just review all purchased made, you certainly can do so too!