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  • 19 February 2024
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Hello All

I’ve been reading a few articles around this topic, but still unclear.

If I’m collecting date of birth, can I create an automated flow based on their age? I’m sure I can create one based on the current date, but ts there a way for Klaviyo to calculate their age and input them into the flow once they qualify for that age?



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Hi there @jtao23


Thanks for sharing your question with us! Happy to help! 


Yes, you can definitely create a birthday flow with the date property collected and use a date triggered flow for this. If you wanted to show exactly what age a customer would be in a birthday flow, this would require some custom coding. I’d encourage you to configure this within the template itself as I do not believe this calculation work could be used as a trigger filter. 


Do you mind sharing your overall goal of the flow and the message so we can best understand if we can accomplish this and how? For instance what do you mean by ‘qualify for that age’?


Thank you! 


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Hi @jtao23,

It sounds like you’re trying to create filters based on age groups - so for example, if you’re 31-40, send this email on their birthday, if you’re 41-50, send them down this pathway etc.

If that’s what you’re trying to do, one way you could approach this without having to write code would be to CSV export the segment of customers for whom you have a DOB. In Excel or Google Sheets you could use the formula:


where XX = the cell of the original value (ie. A1). Then you drag down the list to apply to all of the rest of the list.

From here you can now import a new custom property and let’s say you call this “2024 Age”, and use for the remainder of this year the flow filter based on 2024 age.


It’s a little hacky but this should at least do the job for the year if that’s what you’re trying to do! You could also call on this age inside a template ie. 

We understand that you are {{ person|lookup:'2024 Age'|default:'very young' }} today! Happy Birthday! 

Hope that helps!