Campaign: How can 1 recipient click through, but there are 3 orders placed (by other recipients)

  • 23 March 2023
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I’m a bit confused! We’ve just sent a campaign where 1 person clicked through yet 3 people placed an order. I’m not sure how this has happened? Also, the person who clicked on the email is different to the 3 people who placed an order.

Is anyone able to explain how this works for me? I’ve included a snapshot of the report.







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Klaviyo attribution is not connected to clicks but to opens. When someone opens an email and later buys a product Klaviyo is assuming they bought because of the email that they previously viewed.

So if a person receives email today and open it, but don’t click and buy immediately. But go directly to the website tomorrow and buys this purchase will be attributed to the last email that person opened. 

If you haven’t changed any settings this attribution period is 5 days by default and I would recommend leaving it like that since that is the standard.

So when people receive email they have 5 days for their purchase to be attributed to that email but first then need to open the email and then buy and both of those actions need to happen in those 5 days for the attribution to be linked to that specific email.


So in your case what happened is 3 of those 28 openers went to your website and bought something after they opened your email.


Here is a Klaviyo article if you want to learn more about Klaviyo email attribution.

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Ahhhh, thanks so much! That now makes sense.

Appreciate your fast response :)