Campaign or Flow for optins on popup form on my website?

  • 8 December 2021
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Hi, I am new to this Klaviyo so a bit confused where to start. 

I want to start collecting emails from a pop up form on my website in exchange for a post about 3 simple tips for improvement in my niche. 

The emails after that initial one from the popup form will form part of a newsletter with tips and product promotions.

Do I need to set up a flow for this or a campaign?



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3 replies

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Hey there ! 

I suggest that you first create a list “X” (and redirect people who sign up for the pop-up to this list ).


Then you create a flow (with your list “X” as a triggered event) and in this flow you will set up your post about 3 simple tips for improvement.


And finally, if you want to send a Newsletter to those people, you can create a campaign and send the email to this “X” list ! 


Good luck 

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Hey @Sunil 

@Tomb is 100% correct! Thanks for jumping in to answer! Just to provide some additional resources, these are the articles you will want to use to make sure you get everything set up properly!

Hope these help provide further insight for you to get your content out to your customers! Thank you so much for being part of the Klaviyo Community!

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Hi @stephen.trumble 

That is a lot of info so I am taking it one step at a time. I started creating the signup form and I have already run into a problem

In the “guide to creating a signup form” the pop up is customised with that coffee bean image. It says to use a 600 x 500 image approx. 

So how do you add this image at the top of the form in the options? It does not explain this in the article!

The only form edit options I see are form type, side image, form background and form styles. So WHERE is the option to upload a header image to the form?


I had another problem with uploading my logo image to my welcome email as explained in this thread and I don’t have any responses on it yet. Could you also reply on this thread please? 


Klaviyo is not user friendly at all for newcomers as it seems very difficult to perform simple tasks.