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  • 25 June 2022
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In the Pricing course, the retainer resource on google sheets talks about Email Newsletter and Email Campaigns eg for a basic package, Newsletter x 1 and Campaign x 1.


What is your understanding of the difference between a campaign and a newsletter?


I know the difference between campaigns and flows.




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3 replies

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Hey Sarah, do you have a link to the course you mentioned? I couldn’t see a Pricing course in the Academy. 

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Hi there, 
I hope you’re doing well ?

Basically, newsletters and campaigns are the same.

You create those on the campaign section of Klaviyo. The difference is the objective of the email.

A newsletter might be a weekly email to share the news of the brand, and a campaign might be a promotional email (product launch, blackfriday etc..)


I hope this was helpful,


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Thanks Tom.   I guess a newsletter is a ‘round up’ in a way isn’t it.  I think the word newsletter is the wrong word to use, and not just in this case, and that’s often why people think they have nothing to say because they don’t have any ‘news’.


Anyway, just wondered what other people thought