Campaings are getting cancelled even though I did not reach the limit on free version

  • 12 February 2024
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Hello, I use free version of Klaviyo and I have been trying to run a campaign for the purchasers but unfortunately the campaigns I have trying to create has cancelled and I can not find out the reason, any help is much appreciated 

2 replies

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Hi Selomenika,


If your campaigns in the free version of Klaviyo are getting canceled and you're unable to identify the reason, there could be several potential causes for this issue. Here are some common reasons why campaigns might get canceled and suggestions on how to troubleshoot:

  1. Error Messages:

    • Check for any error messages or notifications provided by Klaviyo when the campaign gets canceled. These messages often give insights into what went wrong.
  2. Audience Criteria:

    • Make sure that the audience criteria you've set for your campaign are accurate and valid. If the criteria are too restrictive or not well-defined, it might result in the campaign being canceled.
  3. Content Review:

    • Klaviyo has content review processes to ensure compliance with their policies. Make sure your email content adheres to Klaviyo's guidelines. Avoid using spammy language, and ensure that your content is not violating any rules.
  4. Recipient Engagement:

    • Klaviyo may cancel campaigns if the recipient engagement is low or if there are issues with your sending reputation. If you're sending to a large list, consider segmenting it and sending to smaller groups initially.
  5. Sender Reputation:

    • Check your sender reputation. If your domain or IP has a poor reputation, it might result in campaigns being canceled or marked as spam. Use reputable email sending practices to maintain a good sender reputation.
  6. Verify Email Settings:

    • Double-check your email settings in Klaviyo, including sender name, sender email address, and reply-to address. Ensure they are accurate and aligned with your business identity.
  7. Audience Size:

    • Klaviyo may have limitations on the size of the audience for free accounts. If your audience is large, consider segmenting it into smaller groups.
  8. Check Account Status:

    • Verify that your Klaviyo account is in good standing. Ensure there are no issues with your account that might be causing campaigns to be canceled

Remember that the free version of Klaviyo may have certain limitations compared to the paid version, and these limitations can impact campaign execution. If you provide more specific details or error messages, I may be able to offer more targeted assistance.

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Hey @selomenika 

It is likely that the campaign was canceled due to Smart Sending being turned on which limits the number of messages your customers receive from you within a certain period of time. Or because there was syntax used in the campaign that couldn’t be parsed. Were you able to eventually send the campaign? Or are you still seeing them canceled?

I would like to clarify that just because you are on a free plan you still have the same functionality as a paid user. The only limitation is the number of active profiles and emails you are able to send from your account. 

Hope this helps