can a subscriber be in multiple segments?

  • 26 March 2024
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If I include multiple segments for a campaign, say my 30-60-90-120 engage for a broader audience cuz is a sale , is there a risk of emailing them twice 3 times? 



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Hello @LunaFr11!

Thank you for your question!


  • Would you be emailing the segments within the same campaign or sending one segment per campaign?

If you are emailing all the segments within the same campaign, the user will receive the email once.

If you send one segment per campaign, there is a possibility that you would email the same user several times. A user in the 30 day segment, can also be in the 60, 90 and 120 if the user has been engaged.

If order to avoid emailing them more than once and if you are sending one segment per campaign, you need to exclude the segments from each of the campaigns. This way, you ensure they only receive the email once. 

Hope that helps!

Alex :) 

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Thanks a lot, Alex. I'm new here, so your explanation really helps me out. I've divided my subscribers into categories like 'engaged 30 - 60 - 90 - 180 days.' Could it happen that one subscriber falls into multiple or all of these categories? I'm curious about this because it's a bit puzzling to me logically. More importantly, I want to have a clear idea in advance of how many subscribers will receive my campaign. Or should I use the 180 for a broder list? Thank you!

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@LunaFr11, I’m glad it helped!

Depending on the criteria used, yes, one person can be in multiple segments. 

When creating a segment, Klaviyo will provide a count of how many subscribers are in the segment so that will tell you in advance your segment count. 

Here’s a help guide to get you started: 

Once you determine the goal of your campaign, you can decide which segment to use. 

Thank you!

Alex :) 

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Hi @LunaFr11,

Thank you for your question! 

To add to @AlexandraPalau’s answer, absolutely make sure you exclude those segments if you are splitting your campaign send. There is also another failsafe option that I would always recommend using which is Smart Sending

The default (if turned on) for email is set to 16 hours. This means that anyone that has received an email from you in the last 16 hours will automatically be skipped. This way you don’t bombard the same customer with multiple emails (from Flows & Campaigns) as this would increase the risk of your emails landing in spam. 


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Thank you, both!!