Can a Welcome series run multiple times?

  • 15 July 2022
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Hi all!

I’d like create a series of emailes with the next rules. 

  • It’s for subscribers. 
  • People will subscribe through API
  • The email series should stop when they order a product
  • And it should run multiple times so people should be able to subscribe multiple times and receive the details.

Is it possible in Klaviyo? 

Thank you



Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 15 July 2022, 21:54

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2 replies

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Hi there @Lajos


Thanks for sharing your question with us! 


Do you mind sharing your intent for this flow? What will the automated message be about that you what they to receive multiple times? Usually, our welcome flows are list-triggered flows, meaning once you join or subscribe to a list you are added to this flow. A profile can only go through a list-triggered flow once. However, a profile can trigger and be queued for a flow multiple times if it’s a metric-triggered flow instead.  


You might want to pursue creating a custom metric that is trigged when a user submits a form and have a flow connected to this custom metric that is re-triggered as many times as the customer take the action. This would require custom coding and I would encourage you to reach out to your developer or get connected to a Klaviyo Partner, or even better  a Champion, to get this set up for you! 


Finally, here are some topics that I’d suggest checking out for more insight!


Thanks for participating in the Community!


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Hi Taylor. 


Thank you for your answer. 

Probably the metric triggered will be the solution. 


It’s a welcome series combined with sales. But when someone purchases he/she still can subscribe again on our webpage. So I’d like to send a message to them which confirms the new subsribtion but explains it to them that they’re not allowed for the same discount again. 


The metric triggered seems good to me. 


Thank you