Can I add a trigger in a flow that is activated when a user clicks on a specific link?

  • 13 March 2021
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I wanted to know if it is possible to insert a trigger within a flow that is activated when a user clicks on a specific link.


A platform that I use in addition to Klaviyo for ecommerce management allows me this works.


I'll give you an example.


At the end of a first welcome email I would like to ask the reader to receive the next email in the flow without having to wait for a specific delay but simply by clicking on a link.


This way you will immediately receive the next email in the flow without having to wait.


I tried to insert the "if click" trigger but unfortunately the email is always sent based on the delay inserted in the flow.


If this function doesn't exist yet it would be nice to be able to insert.


There are readers who want to consume the whole Soap Opera Sequence immediate. 


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7 replies

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Hi @Vincenzo Cassese,


I would recommend testing this out by setting up a signup form that routes users to the list you want to use to trigger this messaging. You can then set up a flow to trigger when someone is added to that list. This flow will trigger immediately with the initial email with the link after a user has been added to the list. You can then add a time delay of 5-10 minutes (however long you expect it will take for the recipient to read the first email and get to the link). You can set up a conditional split after the time delay that says “Has clicked email at least once where the URL equals X since starting the flow.” Right after the conditional split down the “YES” path, you can add that second email  (make sure to turn smart sending off for this second email) which would hopefully trigger for those users that clicked the link.


Hope this helps! Happy testing!


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Thank You for all.

I will try to do what you said and will keep you updated.

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The flow in this segmentation does not work, I think I did exactly as you indicated.


I simply added a custom property when I click on the link.


The property says to add 'speedylink' 'accedi' to the profile.


The flow unfortunately directs all users in the flow who do not reflect the characteristics of the trigger.



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I’m migrating from AC and we NEED this feature to make lots of stuff work.  Did you have any luck??

We have all sorts of flows built around click actions. How can this be missing from Klaviyo?  

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Hi @Joel,


Thanks for sharing your question with us! Sorry for the inconvenience of not having this feature in place, I’d be more than happy to make a feature request for you!


In the meantime, another workaround would be to to create a segment-triggered Flow  where the segment setup would be like the screenshot below, and then you'd add whichever message & link you're targeting:


Thanks for participating in the community! 


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@Taylor Tarpley You mentioned you were going to submit a feature request for triggering a flow off of a URL click. Another very helpful feature would be having the option to send someone through a segment flow more than once. Are either of these on the roadmap? Would solve for a lot of use cases.

Hi there @Taylor Tarpley @julie.accardo !

I am jumping on this thread as we’re looking to setup something similar:

is it possible to setup a campaign with two different buttons, that then trigger two different flows depending on what people click?

Context: new wholesalers outreach campaign > initial “Hello it’s us email” would invite them to click on > “I’m interested” to then trigger a flow to give them more information or “I’m not interested” to then trigger a flow to unsubscribe them from the list.

Is the other workaround to only have one button that invites the ones that are interested to click and receive more? In that case, people who are not interested would just ignore the email?


Thanks for your guidance!