Can I control what product is shown in a price drop trigger flow?

  • 7 November 2021
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Hi all, so I’m setting up a price-drop trigger flow... Simple enough. I have some conditional splits for “subscribed to list” and “placed order at least once over all time” however… how do I add the product that has had the price drop to the email content?

Having an email saying something along the lines of “the price of an item you looked at just dropped” seems a bit redundant if you can’t display that specific product in an email…

Any advice?


Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 8 November 2021, 19:43

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2 replies

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Hi @wernstrom


Thanks for asking your question in the Community! A price-drop trigger flow is an awesome flow to utilize as brands typically see high engagement and conversion rates with this Flow. 


If you use a default, Klaviyo price-drop Flow, a dynamic block is already added into the first email to dynamically pull the product in question whether you set the audience to be someone who has:

  • viewed the product with a dropped price
  • started checkout, but later abandoned with the product 


The subject line you mentioned that seems redundant, is the suggested phrase in our Price Drop Trigger Flow documentation as the product block will dynamically populate depending on the audience you set and what products drop in price. So there is not way to control what image will pop up. You could, however, create separate flows and flow filters to cater it to a specific product type that has dropped in price. Additionally, you could create a segment of profiles who have viewed a specific product and/or started checkout, yet did not place order and send a specific price-drop campgain to this segment. Thus letting your subscribers who are interested know of the  reduced price, while using a controlled subject line. 


Hope one of these options is helpful to you! Thanks for asking your question in the Community! 




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Thanks @Taylor Tarpley , I have no idea how I missed the default email/product block. It’s usually the first thing I look for. Appreciate the help!