Can I create a Conditional Split for Email Subscribers Who Came From Specific Page URL?

  • 30 October 2021
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I am collecting email subscribers from various offline events. They will scan a QR code or visit a URL at an event and be sent to a landing page (on my website) for the specific deal I want to offer (i.e. 10% off, free consultation, $10 gift card, etc.,) so I created a LIST for offline email subscribers and I am building the welcome series for them but unsure how to setup the conditional split for which offer the user will receive. The offer they get should be based on which URL on my site they last visited or was referred from. How do I do this? I tried conditional splits but didn’t see an option for last visited or referral link that allows me to specify the exact url. 


Example: Attendee at an event sees my 10% offer and visits my website url ( and subscribes to my “Offline Event Subscribers” list which triggers a welcome email with 10% off. Another attendee at a different event sees my $10 gift card offer and visits my website url ( and subscribes to my “Offline Event Subscribers” list which triggers a welcome email but their email has a $10 gift card offer. 


I don’t know if I’m approaching this the best way with creating the new LIST and welcome series based on conditional splits or should I funnel the subscriber to my MAIN LIST and setup conditional splits in that welcome series flow? Some recommendations and clarity is appreciated, thank you!


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Okay I dug around a bit more and think I can achieve this by the following:

Setup different signup forms for each offer I want to give and then set the workflow as such:

Create a 10% off signup form (embedded) called “10% off signup form signup” and the subscribe button of the form will have the Submit Hidden Fields setting set to Source > 10% off signup form signup so that Klaviyo tracks this form is the source of the subscriber. Embed the signup form onto a unique landing page on my site ( so they only see this offer and not any other offer (for other events). From there I can put a conditional split on my flow Properties About Someone > $Source > Contains > 10% off signup form signup”. YES or NO. If YES, they get the 10% off email. If NO, they receive the other offer(s). 


Does this sound like the right way to achieve this? 

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Hi @GoodVibes123


Thanks for sharing your question with us! We love to see you all grow in your product knowledge and suggest potential workarounds for solutions! 


Yes, this would be a great way to achieve what you want. Since you can identify what profiles filled out a form via the $source property you will definitely be able to sort through profiles using this property in a conditional split. 


Additionally, I’d check out these posts to gain further understanding from other users accomplishing something similar! 


Love to see our Community users learning and growing, you rock!