Can I create a custom subject in a link to an email address in a text block

  • 20 November 2022
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Is is possible to create a custom subject when someone opens the link to an email address in a text block?

I was able to do it is classic, but don’t see an option in the new editor.



Best answer by Brian Turcotte 22 November 2022, 00:28

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3 replies

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Hi@sabstuyo and welcome to the Community!


Just to clarify, are you asking about the feature in the classic editor where you could select the “Insert Link” button in the text editor, and a dropdown would appear where you could select email, and then enter a subject line?


If so, I can confirm that the feature is not available on the new editor, but I will check with our Product Team to see if they plan on implementing it in the future.


There is a potential workaround, however. In the new editor, you can click the Source Code button (Looks like </>), and add some HTML code that can accomplish the same thing:

<div><a href=" line is here">Email is linked here.</a></div>


Just substitute with the desired email address, Subject line is here with the desired subject, and Email is linked here with the text that you want to appear in the block.


I hope this helps, and thanks for using the Community!


- Brian

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Thanks so much! This is exactly the work-around I was looking for 😊


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Hi @sabstuyo,


I’m glad it worked! Thanks for using the Community!


- Brian