Can I retarget blog readers like browse abandonment?

  • 7 September 2022
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I’d like to send product recommendations to people that read our blog and leave without viewing the products. Can I install a tracking code on my blog pages so that this would trigger browse abandonment flow? For example, if we’re a tour company: 

  • reads blog article “top 10 things to do in Venice” and leaves
  • receives email - “save on Venice tours” with the tours being the product blocks



Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 7 September 2022, 22:25

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Hi @Alexander413


While this isn’t a native metric we track in Klaviyo, we do have a "viewed page" custom metric you can install manually  to track this function! This metric functions similarly to viewed product, but instead of sending over product data with the event, it simply passes the URL of the page visited through the event data. 

Additionally, I’d follow our documentation’s instruction’s on how to test if the metric is successfully tracking after you install the code. Once you can confirm the metric is tracking, you can create a metric-triggered flow and add a trigger filter to ensure that the flow only triggers when a customer views your specific blog page. It should also be noted that as this is a custom metric, we won’t be able to further help install or troubleshoot if you have future questions.


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