Can Klaviyo Send Emails to Customers that have Viewed a Product

  • 29 October 2021
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I recently experienced an email option from another company that I thought was very interesting and would like to know if it’s available with Klaviyo. I had gone to a website, browsed products and then closed the website. The following day the company sent me an email regarding their business. The interesting point is I never provided my email to this company. 

Is this an option to setup in Klaviyo? Has anyone else heard of this type of feature.

Thank you!


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Hi there @laurenmarie84,


Welcome to the Klaviyo Community and thanks for posting your question here! I’d be happy to tell you more about what you are looking for.

To me it sounds like you are looking for a browse abandonment email! This is an email for potential customers that have visited a particular product page but did not start or complete their checkout. In browse abandonment emails a visitor doesn't have to add an item to his/her cart to trigger this flow. All a site visitor has to do is view an item and move on.

Great news because this is definitely achievable within Klaviyo! Our documentation on Creating a Browse Abandonment Flow goes over all the steps needed to setup this Flow based on your store integrations!

There are many ways we can gather a users email in order to reach our users for the browse abandonment flow.  One of the simplest and most common ways is if a customer subscribes to your Newsletter!  When a user opts in to lets say your Welcome Series, they're essentially giving permission for your site to track their shopping experience through Klaviyo.  Another way is through the Checkout feature.  Some stores like Shopify requires a user to input their email in order to confirm orders.

Browse Abandonment is a great way to personalize the shopping experience for your customers and recapture potential customers.  


Hope this helped!