Can't make Abandoned Cart with and without Checkout Flows work together

  • 29 October 2021
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I want to have these two distinctive flows when a Customer adds to cart and leaves and when a Customer leaves at check out, I set them up and both work separately, but I activate both only Abandoned cart works.

I added a filter to don't do the flow if the customer starts checkout and even added a timer before it triggers emails. I’ll add a screenshot for both below. Hoping to get some feedback here!

In an ideal world I would like to do the following:

  • Customer adds to cart and starts checkout, trigger the Abandoned Checkout flow
  • Customer adds to cart and does not check out, trigger the Abandoned Cart flow

Now it only triggers the Abandoned Cart flow regardless of checkout started or not. 

Would like to get some feedback to get it to work that way :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Please note the wait times are very low because I am testing it.




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Hi there @lif-ab,

Thanks for posting to the Community with your question!

I think I’m understanding what you are trying to accomplish, but please clarify if I am mistaken. It sounds like you are trying to have one flow for Abandoned Cart customers where they put things in their cart but do not finish checkout? But also a Flow for customers who have started checkout never placed an order?

I would recommend creating an Abandoned Cart Flow and a Browse Abandonment Flow. The abandoned cart flow fulfills what you are trying to achieve by sending an email to customers who have started a checkout process and added to cart but have not placed an order. The browse abandonment flow will let you email customers who have looked at products but have not ordered anything as well.

Apologies for the general assistance but I would love to hear more clarity on what you are trying to achieve with these two flows as well!




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Hi Alex, thanks for the reply

I actually want to have three levels:

  • Browse Abandonment
  • Added to Cart but did not Checked Out
  • Added to Cart, and abandoned in Checkout

Each flow I am differentiating the emails a little bit to make them tailor made to what the customer actually did and the intent. 

However when I do these three separately they only one that seems to be fully working is the Added to Cart and did not check out. 

What I would like is some guidance on Trigger filters to ensure I can trigger emails depending on really what the customer did on my store.

Thank you so much again

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Hi @lif-ab,

Okay great thanks for clarifying with further detail!

Pretty much what you are trying to achieve can be broken down into three types of flows:

Browse Abandonment

Abandoned Cart

Add to Cart Flow with Filters (checkout started + placed order filters)


First for the browse abandonment flow, I would again check our help center documentation to see the setup that follows your current store’s integration. The browse abandonment flow utilizes the viewed product filter primarily. There are also filters like has Placed Order zero times since starting this flow AND has Started Checkout zero times since starting this flow. This will ensure that your browse abandonment emails only send to those who viewed a product but then never continued onward to start a checkout or complete a purchase. We recommend adding the filter, has Started Checkout zero times since starting this flow in order to differentiate this flow from your abandoned cart flow.

The standard abandoned cart flow should have the following setup:

 Klaviyo's flow builder showing the start of a new Abandoned Cart flow after someone started a checkout but did not place order

Another flow filter you might want to add is Hasn't been in flow in the last X days. This will prevent those who recently received your abandoned cart messages from receiving them again. 

Lastly, the add to cart flow would have checkout started zero times since starting this flow and placed order zero times since starting this flow. It sounds like you would want a Flow for Add to Cart and didn't checkout so it’s triggered by the Add to Cart event with a flow filter of Checkout zero times since starting this flow.

Essentially, depending on how you setup all three of these flows, a customer would get queued up for their appropriate flow and be removed from ones they no longer qualify for automatically. I would also double check that your checkout started event is setup and being pulled in correctly. This can account for users not entering or triggering your flows. Luckily, there is a great community post that goes over what might be causing that:


Have a good day!

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Why is there no add to cart option in my trigger?
How should he set it up?
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I want to know why I don’t have this option and how should I let him have this option
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Follow these instructions

it took me a whole day to make it work but I have a very sophisticated theme. After you do it you’ll see data in the analytics dashboard and you’ll be able to create a flow.

In order to make the flows work the way I said it above I had to put in place different timers for each flow 10 minutes apart.

if a customer starts checkout I send the email on 2 hours, if they add to cart 2 hours and 10 mins and if they abandon the browser 2 hours and 20 mins. Otherwise there was a lot of collapsing and my verbiage is different for each flow as well as the intent of the customer.

For the checkout started flow my check out button takes them directly to checkout, while in out added to cart, as there’s no checkout registered, it takes them to the cart, and last  the browse abandonment has a button that says “add to cart” that takes them to the product page.


finally if you want to test this yourself use different computers and emails, my main personal and work emails, I guess because I have tested it so many times, dont always work but if I use another computer with another email works mostly well.

I want to know why I don’t have this option and how should I let him have this option