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  • 24 March 2022
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I haven’t been able to get in touch with the Klaviyo Support Team for 2 days. Our email tracking is messed up. Does anyone have a number for them? 


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Hello @HelenLewis,

Sorry to hear you’re having troubles reaching our colleagues on the Support team! At present, Klaviyo’s support service does not offer phone support. 

Outside of email, if you were on a paid plan, you can also reach our colleagues via the Live chat daily between 9 am–5 pm ET Monday through Friday. 

I think it would also help if you could share more details on what exactly is messed up with your email tracking as other members of the Community may have encountered a similar issue in the past and can provide a solution! From my experience, some common issues that may cause email tracking to be off could be if your email was clipped or if there’s been an integration issue. 

As mentioned in our Why Is My Email Being Clipped? Help Center article, because Klaviyo’s tracking pixel which detects and records when an email is opened is added at the bottom of an email, if the email was clipped, email opens will not be tracked correctly. Emails clipping can also impact revenue attribution as I’ve mentioned in the below Community post:

When it comes to revenue and conversion tracking related to emails though, a more common issue typically stems from an integration issue. This can be caused if you recently made any changes to your integration settings, changes to your ecommerce platform’s backend, or it can sometimes occur without warning due by something within your ecommerce platform’s services. I would suggest double checking your own platform’s backend if this was the tracking issue you were experiencing. 

I hope this helps!